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Fit Tip Friday: Exercise & Immunity

Immune health and the primary factors that limit or delay the aging of your immune system.

3 Key Components To A Great Workout

3 key variables in designing a strength training program.

Exercise VS Activity

Importances and differences between exercise and activity and how they compliment each other.

Does Lifting Weights Slowly Matter?

This video discusses the 2 primary reasons for lifting weights slowly and why it maters.

Exercise & Immunity

Immune health and how regular exercise can help.

How To Set Up Your Camera For A Virtual Workout

Place your camera on a flat, stable surface about 10 feet away from where you will be exercising. If you have a tripod for your phone or tablet that would be ideal, but not necessary. Make sure it is in a well-lit area. Flip the orientation of your camera around so that you can see yourself on the screen, this makes it easier for you to stay in frame when you are exercising.

Fat Loss - The Role Exercise Plays

Is it just burning calories? Not exactly...

Frequency Of Training

Exercise is good! More is not necessarily better. We benefit from our workouts when we rest. The harder we train, the more days of recovery we require to maximize effectiveness.

Strength Training To Keep Active

Staying active alone is not enough. Strength training ensures we sustain our lean tissues and keep our ability to stay active as we age.

Do We Shrink As We Age?

I describe Sarcopenia, what it means, and make recommendations on what to do about it. No one is immune to its effects, but we all have the capacity to do something about it.

How is your 'sticktoitness'?

I'd like to preface this video on consistency by first stating that it is absolutely crucial that you dedicate some time to consider WHY exercise is important to you.

Why OneUp Fitness?

The story of my becoming a fitness professional and what intrigued me about the style of exercise at OneUp fitness.

Home Exercise Demonstrations, Fit Tips & Testimonials

The videos below are a mix of home exercises demonstrations that you can perform with resistance bands, bodyweight, and free weights. The demonstrations are performed by the owner and head trainer Matt who has a degree in Kinesiology, is certified in high-intensity resistance training, and has over 15 years of experience as a personal trainer.

These home exercise demonstrations are meant to be a solution for those who prefer to workout at home and for those who have decided that our Virtual Training service is not for them. They can be very beneficial for improving mobility, strength, and endurance with some practice and if the exercises are performed with a high level of intensity. However, the experience that our clients have in our studios working one to one with an expert trainer on our innovative equipment is second to none.

If you are just starting an exercise routine it is recommended to book a complimentary fitness consultation with one of our expert trainers first. You can request your first consultation here —> Fitness Consultation

If you have any questions about these video demonstrations or you would like to request that we record a video of something that you don’t see here, please reach out to us at [email protected] and we will take your request into consideration.

We also encourage you to subscribe to our Youtube channel ; Facebook ; and Instagram pages to stay updated with new content that we may post.”

Home Exercises

Seated Shoulder Press w. Bands

Muscle Groups worked:
Deltoids (shoulders)
Triceps (back of arms)
Upper Trapezius (neck muscles)
Upper Pectoralis (upper chest)

AB Crunch w. Bands

Ab workout at home targeting muscle groups:
Obliques (side of abdominals)
Hip Flexors

Pull Down w. Bands

Pull downs with bands targeting these muscle groups:
Latissumus Dorsi (AKA 'the lats' - big, V-shaped muscles in back)
Rear Deltoids (back of the shoulders)
Trapezius (AKA 'the traps' - Diamond-shaped muscle in middle to upper back)
Gripping muscles

Rear Flye & Row w. Bands

Rear flye targeting these muscle groups:
Rear Deltoids (back of the shoulders)
Trapezius (upper back muscles)
Gripping muscles

Leg Extension w. Bands

Leg extension with elastic bands targeting these muscle groups:
Quadraceps (top of the thighs)
Great exercise for knee strength and stabilization

Hip Extension w. Bands

Hip extension exercise targeting these muscle groups:
Glutes (buttocks)
Hamstrings (back of thigh)

Pullover w. Bands

Pullover resistance band targets these Muscle Groups:
Latissimus Dorsi (AKA "lats" - big, V-shaped back muscles)
Rear Deltoids (back of shoulders)
Triceps (to a smaller extent)

Bicep Curl w. Bands

Resistance band arm workout targeting these muscle groups: I'll let you guess 🙂

Chest Flye & Chest Press

Chest workout with bands targeting these muscle groups:
Pectoralis Major and minor (Chest muscles)
Anterior and medial deltoids (front and middle shoulders)
Triceps (back of arms)

Deadlift w. Bands

Resistance band deadlift targeting muscle groups:
Erector Spinae (Lower back muscles)
Glutes (buttocks)
Hamstrings (back of thigh)

Hip Flexion w. Bands

Target Muscle Groups:
Hip Flexors (front of hips)

Hip ABduction w. Bands

Gluteus medius & minimus (deeper buttocks / hips muscles)
Lateral Quads (outside of thighs)

Hamstring Curl w. Bands

Target Muscle Groups:
Hamstrings (back of thigh)

Full Body Squat w. Bands

Full body squat with bands targeting these muscle groups:
Glutes (buttocks)
Quads and Hamstrings (thighs)
Hip Flexors & Extensors
Calves (to a lesser extent)
Torso muscles (secondary - as stabilizers)

Hip ADDuction w. Bands

Hip adductor exercises targeting these muscle groups:
Hip Adductors (inner thigh/groin)

Fit Tips

Best Chest Workout In Less Than 2 Minutes

One of our clients, Susan, performing a chest press exercise on the 'ARX fit OMNI'.

Grip Strengthening Exercises

Exercises to strengthen your grip for spring or any yard work.

Split Squat

Work out your legs and glutes with split squats

Heel Raise Calf Exercise

Calf exercises, heel raises, and getting in shape for spring.

Home Exercises Part 2

With the current climate of social distancing, this video will guide you on how to get a good workout at home with little to no equipment with our OneUp Fitness trainer and owner Matt Mombourquette.

Dumbbell Deadlift Voiceover Instruction

Here we will guide you through proper form when doing dumbbell deadlifts.

Hip Thrust

Strengthen your core with hip thrusts

Home Workout

A good full body workout at home to keep your fitness routine consistent.


Train your lower back!

This video highlights our lower back machine which helps to strengthen the muscles of the spine to help chronic back pain, prevent injuries, build bone density, improve spinal mobility, etc.

Train Your Neck!

This video highlights the Nautilus “4 way machine” which helps to strengthen the muscles of the spine, specifically around the neck.

Build Your Grip, Arm And Back Strength In ONE Exercise.

Expert trainer Mike, is trained to muscular failure using our Nautilus Impact Vertical Row machine in our Bedford studio.

Strength & Independence

Jennifer describes her experience after only 5 sessions at OneUp Fitness

Working Out In Your 70's

One of our long-time clients, Faisal, talks about his experience training with us here at OneUp Halifax.

Strength Training In Your 50's

Change the way you feel about aging, visit OneUp Fitness and connect with one of our personal trainers. The physical, cognitive, and emotional benefits of building strength are the keys to health & happiness as you age.

Strength Training For Young Athletes

Physical performance is hinged on strength. The stronger our muscles are, the more we can do and the longer we can do it, plain and simple.

Stronger In Your 60's Than You Were In Your 50's

This program is perfectly suited for women over 45. Strength training is essential for keeping strong muscles and bones. Exercise must be challenging in order to be effective and it must be safe in order to be sustainable. That is the difference OneUp Fitness offers.


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